The Global Science project

The Global Science (GlobSci) project (with C. Franzoni and P. Stephan) has been funded by the Italian Governement and the National Bureau of Economic Reserach (USA). The project aims at improving our understanding on the international mobility of scientists, their networking and their team composition. The project has entailed conducting a large survey in the spring and summer of 2011 that produced over 19 thousand answers from scientists in 16 countries with an approximate response rate of 39 percent. At the present time it represents the most comprehensive survey of international mobility.

The first of a series of articles has appeared in Nature Biotechnology (December 2012). In a second paper presented at the Fall Appam Meeting (October 2012) we show that mobile scientists are more inclined to establish international networks. Their networks are also larger and more successful than those of non-mobile scientists. Evidence on the competition of countries to attract international Ph.D. and Post-Doc students has been presented at the NBER Workshop on High Skill Immigration (October 2012). In a fourth paper presented at the OECD Conference on High-Skill Immigration (December 2012) we find robust evidence that both the foreign-born and the returnees perform at a higher level compared to the non-mobile natives. Previous results of the GlobSci project have also been published in Science (August 2011).

Press coverage

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